Potential Risks at workplace

Controlling potential risks at work is all about recognizing the problem, knowing enough about it, deciding what to do and putting the solutions into practice. Here are a number of health and safety issues that employers should make contingencies for:

  • Slips and trips - The most common form of injury or accident at work which can result serious issues.
  • Hazardous Substances – Hazardous substances at work place can include chemicals which people work with directly and also dust, fumes and bacteria which can be present in the workplace. These risks mostly occur in petrol stations and cement factories.
  • Working at High Places - One of the main causes in construction sites. To prevent it, staff should be well-trained as well as suitable equipments and safe workplace should be properly managed and supervised.
  • Sprains, Strains and Pains – Employee generally hurt their back, arms, hands or feet due to lifting daily loads.
  • Electrical Risks - Most of the electrical accidents at work place are caused by underground or overhead power cables but electric shocks from faulty equipment can also have other repercussive effects such as falling from ladders or other platforms. Poorly maintained and faulty electrical appliances can also result in the outbreak of fire.
  • Work Equipment - Any equipment used at work must be safe to use. It should be well maintained and inspected regularly. Old or damaged equipments and the operator who does not follow the safety guidelines in using the equipments correctly are the main causes for serious accidents at the work place.

Max Myanmar Holding Co., Ltd strongly enforces the health and safety goals and action plan to ensure implementation and improvements of health and safety standards. To reduce the potential risks at workplace, OHS policies of Max Myanmar Holding Co., Ltd shall be enforced through regular training and communication with all employees and other personas including third party affected by the undertakings of Max Myanmar Holding Co., Ltd.

[For more details, refer to “Occupational Health and Safety Policy” on Max Myanmar Website]

Statistics on Health and Safety Incidents in Max Myanmar Operation Sites (FY 2014-2015)