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Max Myanmar Construction Co., Ltd was registered in Myanmar and it operates locally with over 1200 employees and around 1,800 contractors.

Port Extension Project (Earthworks)

As early as 1996, the company secured a project for one million cubic feet of earthwork in the construction of the Deep Sea Harbour at Thilawa, in Thanlyin Township. This project was followed by other projects and ever since than, the company has surged forward, undertaking heavy earthwork projects such as the construction of dams, reservoirs and road embankments.

Dams And Reservoirs

During 2003 and 2004, the company undertook the filling of earth for a number of dam embankments for the Irrigation Department which include

1. Thonze dam/reservoir
Dam type: Homogenous earthfill
Length: 1320 ft
Height: 150 ft
Total volume of fill: 64 million cft
Volume filled by the Company: 47.2 million cft

2. Other projects include Belin dam and Ma Mya dam with volume fill of 36.9 million cft and 220 million cft.

Commercial and Residential Development Projects
The following residential buildings and factories have been successfully constructed by the company from 2003 to 2006.

a) Bicycle Factory Buildings, Yangon Five buildings of R.C & steel structures
b) Rim-Motor Factory Buildings, Yangon Two story R.C building
c) Textile Weaving Factory And Ancillary Buildings, Yamethin Steel structure for main building and R.C structure for others
d) Residential Complex for Weaving Factory, Myingyan Sixteen residential R.C buildings
e) Integrated Corn Product Factory, Taung Dwin Gyi R.C steel structures and R.C buildings

The company possesses the expertise, versatility and equipment needed to provide fully integrated services with innovation and efficiency to any project. It can cater to many market segments which include Heavy Civil Construction, Commercial/Industrial Construction, Municipal Construction and Land Development. Its commitment to sustainable development is illustrated across every aspect of its operations from employing the best construction practices and building materials, and continuous monitoring of environmental performance, to recycling and disposable management, and adhering to world class standards in providing a safe and healthy work environment for its employees.

a) Road Construction
The company was engaged in the Government Special Development Project at Nay Pyi Daw in Central Myanmar. It was one of the largest development projects in Myanmar. The work consisted of the construction of infrastructures for the new city which will serves as the government administrative capital and approximately covered an area of 200 square miles with concrete paved road network.
Other ancillary works such as culverts, side drains, medians, roundabouts, platforms, kerbs, and retaining wall. The projects include,

Some of the works completed in 2006 were:

1) 8 Lanes expressway 18 miles
2) Ancillary Road 32 miles
3) Earthwork 10,000,000 m3
4) Concrete Work 150,000 m3
5) Culvert 115 nos
6) Roundabout 3 nos

b) Estate Development - Nay Pyi Taw
This project is known as the Estate Development Scheme and covers an area of about 400 acres. It started in 2006 and comprises the construction of infrastructures, residential buildings, educational, social, health, recreational, communication and administrative building which are the prerequisites for a residential town.

Government Technological Colleges (GTC), Taungoo & Hmawbi

These Government Technological Colleges are three stories buildings each for 3,000 students with a total floor area of 138,286 sq ft.
The company has evolved significantly through the years; projects have ranged in size from small land developments to construction of expressways including site cut and fill operations, site grading and new road construction. Currently, the company is implementing following projects:

a. Two sport complexes with the same facilities and identical capacities for hosting the 27th SEA GAMES in Nay Pyi Taw scheduled to be completed in 2013.

- (30,000) capacity fully roofed International Standard Football Stadium

(1) Football Stadiums (Football, Track and Field)

- Football field area -------------------- 7,140m2 (76,826 ft2)
- Track and field area -------------------- 20,636m2 (222,416 ft2)
- Overall area -------------------- 44,008.88m2 (473,535 ft2)
- Roof and façade envelope -------------------- Multicolor steel and aluminum plates structure

- Indoor Stadium
- No. of Stadiums ------------------- 2 Nos
Basketball and Volleyball
- Seating Capacity ------------------- 5,000
- Length ------------------- 441 ft
- Width ------------------- 365 ft
- Area ------------------- 160,965 ft2
Table Tennis
- Seating Capacity ------------------- 3,000
- Length ------------------- 299 ft
- Width ------------------- 303 ft
- Area ------------------- 90,597 ft2
- Seating Capacity ------------------- 3,000
- Length ------------------- 299 ft
- Width ------------------- 303 ft
- Area ------------------- 90,597 ft2
- Aquatic Centre
- Seating Capacity ------------------- 2,456
- Length ------------------- 485 ft
- Width ------------------- 315 ft
- Building Area ------------------- 10,042.35 m2 (108,056 ft2)
Competition Pool
- Length ------------------- 51.1m (168 ft)
- Width ------------------- 26.0m (85 ft)
- Depth ------------------- 3.0m (10 ft)
Diving Pool
- Length ------------------- 25.0m (82 ft)
- Width ------------------- 25.0m (82 ft)
- Depth ------------------- 5.0m (16 ft)
b. Football Academies at Mandalay and Pathein
- Two Story RC Buildings
- Length ------------------- 137 ft
- Width ------------------- 44 ft
- Area ------------------- 12,052 ft2
can accommodate up to 140 trainees.

c. Thuwanna Football Stadium is being renovated and refurnished.

d. Construction of (30) buildings in Nay Pyi Taw.

e. Hotels – Novotel Yangon Max Hotel with (366) rooms is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2013. Royal Kumudra Hotel (259) rooms in Nay Pyi Taw, Inle Hotel (89) rooms and Chaung Thar Hotel (70) rooms are major construction, renovation and ongoing projects. Ngapali (76) rooms, Ngwesaung (211) rooms, Ayeyarwaddy sports & Recreation club, Kyaikhteeyo Hotel (70) rooms, National Guest House (170) rooms and IBIS Thein Phyu Hotel (233) rooms are new projects.

f. Energy – Storage facilities of petroleum at Thilawar Port area will be constructed from mid 2013 to end 2014.

g. Bank Head Office (Rowe & Co.,) is under renovation while maintaining the original external view intact for heritage value. For banking purpose, a total of (37) bank has been constructed or renovated and (11) branches are under construction.

As Myanmar enters a high quality era which will be characterized by much more rapid modernization, the demands of clients for construction serviced will be more challenging to meet. In our constant quest to deliver client satisfaction, we will focus on upgrading of human resources and technological capabilities will be concentrated.

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