Welcome to Max Myanmar Group. Roadway to Corporate Sustainability
Letter from Max Myanmar to UN Independent International Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) on Myanmar
Continuous Relief for Mon Flood Victims
Ayeyarwady Foundation donated to the affected victims of landslide in Thephyugone Village Tract

Our Vision

To become a leading institution in Myanmar which exceeds global expectations in caring and providing greatest benefits for all stakeholders.

Our Mission

We are wholeheartedly committed to everything we do for the satisfaction, success, safety, and prosperity of our people, customers, environment, and the world we inhabit with inspiration, innovation, efficiencies, and highest level of ethical conduct.

Core Value

Max Myanmar Group’s management practices and business conduct shall benefit the country, locals and communities in which it operates, to the extent possible and affordable, and shall be in accordance with the laws of the land.


Incorporated in 1993, Max Myanmar has since built a solid reputation for market excellence, drawing on a strong heritage of quality, stability and innovative leadership in the industry.

Today, we have made considerable progress and developed into a multi-disciplinary company with proven track record in the various fields of work it has undertaken, based on the integrity of our people and our years of experience. We care about and we are personally committed to everything we do, especially our people and their safety and development, our customers and their success, and the world we inhabit, in particular the people and environment in the communities where we live and work.

Due to the nature of the diversified scopes of works carried out by the Max Myanmar Group, our results-oriented workforce includes talented and experienced professionals who thrive in a dynamic work environment that brings many challenges, and also great rewards. Our employees take pride in “getting the job done right”. Our commitment to sustainable development is illustrated across every aspect of our operations: from employing the best people and utilizing a respectable fleet of heavy machinery, vehicles and equipment.

Our People




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Our Companies

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Max Energy Co.,Ltd.
Max Well Trading Co.,Ltd
Shwe Yaung Pya Argo Co.,Ltd.
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Max Hotels Group
Max Myanmar Construction.Ltd
Max Highway Co.,Ltd
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Max Myanmar Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Max Logistics Co.,Ltd

Our Activities

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The Max Myanmar Group of Companies was originally established as Max Myanmar Co., Ltd. in 1993. It started operation by importing buses from Japan, simultaneously followed by import of generators and earth-moving equipment and machinery. Through an aggressive growth strategy, the Company steadily expanded and diversified into the fields of civil construction, mechanical engineering, transportation, hotel and tourism, rubber plantations and banking industry.